How to Download and Install the Rock Pilot App

Installing the Rock Pilot on your M300/350 Remote Controller

Setting up the Rock Pilot App on the M300/350 for Aerial Data Collection

  1. Register your R3 Pro to your ROCK Cloud Account.
  2. Update your R3Pro firmware.
  3. Download the .apk file from your ROCK Cloud Account.
  4. Transfer the .apk file to a Micro-SD card.
  5. Insert the Micro-SD card into the DJI M300/M350 smart controller.
  6. Open the file manager from the main menu and click the .apk file to install onto your smart controller. 

The latest version of the Rock Pilot App - v2.00.03 (2024-04-16) is rated for flight and can be used for mission planning and LiDAR data collection. Additionally, the Rock Pilot App will complete the calibration flights for the kinematic alignment of the IMU automatically.