How to field check your data with ROCK Desktop

ROCK Desktop can generate your trajectory and help you make sure of your data before you leave the field

Step 1: Fly the mission and log RINEX data. See our articles about how to fly and logging RINEX properly. 

Step 2: After your flight, stop logging on the EMLID (or your base station) and download the RINEX data onto your computer and put it with your LiDAR data from the USB.

  • Make sure to move everything to the local drive, not on the USB or in a Cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive, etc. 

Step 3: Open ROCK Desktop, select your local folder with the LiDAR data.

Step 4: Select your base station data.

Step 5: Let ROCK Desktop Process your trajectory, this shouldn't take long for most missions

Step 6: Once the trajectory is calculated, you can see your uncolorized data in ROCK Desktop.

Step 7: Ensure your capture is suitable to your project specifications

Step 8: You can pack up your laptop and finish processing later, OR you can let it run on the computer on the way back. If you don't need to calibrate the camera you'll have a colorized LAZ and EXIF on your photos as soon as it's done! 

Make sure your field laptop has a ROCK Desktop license before deploying to the job site!