Intro: ROCK Planimetrics

Step by step guide to ordering ROCK Planimetrics and what you'll receive when you do.

What are ROCK Planimetrics?

ROCK Planimetrics takes LiDAR data and/or an Orthomosaic and produces planimetric points, lines, and polygons to digitize your data.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 3.14.41 PM

The following assets will be digitized:

Rock Robotic Planimetrics-1


If you need Custom Symbols for the existing supported layers -- Order the "Custom Symbols" add-on.

If you need Custom Layers email for a custom quote.

How To Order ROCK Planimetrics From The ROCK Marketplace

Choosing What to Process

Prior to ordering the deliverables from the ROCK Cloud, select the area you want processed for  your deliverables using the area tool (see picture below). For example, you have a 500 acre forest that has a road running through it. Instead of ordering ROCK Planimetrics for the whole space, select the area of interest with the road to save on costs.
  • To process the entire dataset follow the "Placing Your Order" steps below without creating an enhanced area.
  • To run a smaller subset area of your dataset create an enhanced area by:
    • Use the "measure area" tool in the top right (square icon).
    • Draw your area of interest.
    • Click the image icon to the left of the trash bin on that measurement to make this measurement and "enhanced area."

Placing Your Order

Be sure you have all the GCP's you want for the dataset upload PRIOR to placing your ROCK Planimetrics order. If you process ROCK Planimetrics and then wish to upload more GCP's you will need to contact ROCK Support for manual processing costs.

  • Go the ROCK Marketplace by clicking the green "process" bar in the bottom of the left pane.
  • Click "Order" on the ROCK Planimetrics Item.
  • Choose whether the dataset contains urban, rural, semi-urban features.
  • Review your Order Summary for pricing breakdown and the delivery estimate of your order.

Tip: Learn the difference between urban, semi-urban, and rural. This will have an impact on both cost and timeline. Your deliverable may be delayed if an incorrect selection is made.

Please ensure the acreage being processed meets your expectations. If you need to adjust your enhanced area polygons do so BEFORE you place your order.

See also: Order ETA


  • 3D SHP file
  • 3D DWG
  • 3D DXF file

If you need to adjust your point cloud after processing has finished (translate, add GCPs, etc) you will need to alert the ROCK Support Team by emailing  so that your planimetric deliverable files can also be corrected. 

Example DatasetScreen Shot 2022-10-04 at 3.15.33 PM