Retrieve the R2A Data

All the R2A data is stored on the USB drive.

Remove the USB drive

The USB drive contains the following data:

  • Data folder (needs to be unpacked in PCMaster to expose lidar, navigation and photos).
    • Please note photos will not have EXIF data until you run the project through PCMaster and PCPainter and use the exif writer tool found here: Georeferencing Photos Article
  • PCMaster PPK and RTK Projects
  • PCPainter PPK and RTK Projects
  • Service Log

Save Flight Folder on Computer

  • Make sure you save your files on a local folder on your hard drive (not a shared folder, server folder, syncing Sharepoint folder, etc). 

If your flight folder does NOT have the project files (PCMaster, PCPainter or Log) you most likely encountered an improper shutdown. This includes bad hot-swap of the batteries, Forced Shutdown of the LiDAR unit, etc. See the article here to rebuild your project folder.


If an unexpected event occurs (bad hot-swap, forced shutdown, failure to initialize unit, camera not initializing, etc.) it is HIGHLY recommended that you reformat your USB. Failure to do so may cause data loss. Always reformat your drive per the directions here to ensure your subsequent flights and deployments write properly.


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Setup the Reach RS2

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