Get ROCKin' with your R3Pro!

Here are the resources you need to start capturing data with your R3Pro.

Here's what to do to get started! 

1. Establish a ROCK Cloud Account if you haven't done so yet. Look in your email for an activation coupon for your ROCK Desktop Pre-Processing license as well as any other ROCK Cloud Subscriptions you purchased with your package. 

2. Register your R3Pro on the ROCK Cloud.

You can find your Serial Number on the underside of your R3 Pro beginning with the letters "RTP...".

3. Download ROCK Desktop Software.

4. Install the Gremsy Damping System on your DJI M300 or M350.

5. Dive into the R3Pro ROCK Academy articles to learn more HERE!


Welcome to ROCK Robotic! We look forward to working with you!